Ready to Work

Essential to the Knoxville region’s future economic prosperity is the ability to educate, recruit and maintain a skilled workforce. Coordination between public schools, higher education and business stakeholders ensures that the workforce is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow. 

Talent Retention and Attraction

Retaining young adults earning post-secondary degrees and interning in the Knoxville area as well as attracting the type of talented individuals regional employers are seeking is essential to the growth of our region. Engaging with community leaders and regional partners to create a prosperous, inclusive network of young people is a priority of the Knoxville Chamber’s team and Talent Council.

Workforce Development

Building a robust talent pipeline is fundamental to driving regional economic prosperity. The Knoxville Chamber collaborates with area training providers and employers to ensure recruitment and education efforts are meeting regional demand.

Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion

The Talent Retention and Attraction Task Force has been charged with engaging community partners and professionals to develop a strategy for building a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline that offers equitable economic opportunities for all people in our region. If you are interested in participating in the task force or have information to share, contact Lauren Longmire.

Knoxville Chamber Talent efforts are funded in part by:
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